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Monday, January 13, 2014

Robertson and Lauren-Kelly's Wedding

I was so excited when John and I got an invitation in the mail to Robertson and Lauren-Kelly's wedding. The first year John and I dated we spent New Years with Charlton, his then girlfriend Louisa, Brock and Alice, and Robertson in Blowing Rock. It was a ton of fun; we went skiing, went to some bars, just relaxed in a beautiful cabin in the mountains and enjoyed ourselves. When  we got the invitation, I wasn't just excited for Robertson and Lauren-Kelly, but also because they were getting married New Years Eve. I felt it could be special for John and I as well because it was our first New Years as newly weds and it paralleled our first New Years together with the same friends.

Robertson and Lauren-Kelly got married at the Carolina Inn. It is absolutely beautiful, and if you are ever in Chapel Hill, I recommend visiting this beautiful and historic hotel (by the way, the hotel rooms are auh-mazing!). The wedding was beautiful, the food delicious, and it was a great way to spend New Years. I am usually weary of weddings that take place on holidays, but this was perfect and very fitting. I am very happy for this amazing couple and wish them a long healthy and loving marriage!
Good looking wedding party and parents. Charlton is in there. He is the one with the goofy grin

Alice and Brock!
The cake tasted as good as it looked.

Not the best picture of myself, but good one of John

These two. I wanted to get a picture of John and Charlton too, but Charlton has decided his role in life is to be a professional groomsmen