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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Knitting and crotche projects

infinity navy blue scarf

I've been trying to get back into crocheting and knitting lately. I used to knit all the and time when John and I lived in Charlotte, and when we moved to Greensboro I just stopped. It wasn't that I lost interest, it was that I got busy with the wedding and getting our new house in order, as well as finally finishing my thesis. But now that all those chores are done with, I can get back to knitting. I have an etsy shop, so I have been listing the items there. It really is a relaxing hobby and I can make things while John and I watch a movie or whatever it is. It will be nice if these items sell. The pillows I used to make I did well selling on etsy and ebay.  Personally, I think all the scarves make great holiday gifts!
camel scarf lined with bright red

infinity scarg forest green with two camel stripes