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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dyson Animal Vaccum

John and I recently purchased the Dyson Animal Vacuum from bed, bath and beyond. I cannot be more excited! I am so happy to have this vacuum , there is nothing bad about it, the amazing suction picks up every single strand of pet hair that is in our town house. There are tons of attachments and it turns on a dime, the rotating ball is the icing on the cake.It is perfect for us and our two cats and dog.

Now, this vacuum is a bit pricey at about $520, however it is completely worth it! I think John and I together have purchased, been given and thrown out 5 or 6 vacuums since we have been dating and married. I think, a great vacuum is an investment. Meaning, one buys a bunch of cheap vacuums, they break, stop working, whatever it is, and then they are thrown away. At some point you surpass the cost of purchasing a fantastic vacuum, like the Dyson.

Finally, just a little something extra, bed, beyond sends out 20% off coupons, you can use one of these coupons on the dyson! Yup, we did and we saved $120. Well worth it and a great first married investment.