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Friday, November 1, 2013

J Crew Jeweled-Shoulder Sweater review

I love J Crew. I have been wearing J Crew clothing since I was in middle school, so around 16 or 17 years now. Recently, I purchased the Jeweled-Shoulder Sweater in navy. I love this sweater. I have already worn it three times and gotten so many compliments, including some from random people on the streets.
However, despite my love  of this sweater, I do have a small complaint. The neck hole is cut, on mine anyway, the same in the front and the back. What I mean is, typically the back sits up higher, on my sweater the neckhole is the same front and back. Because of this it sits really close to my throat and at times I feel like I am being choke. It isn't so terrible that I can't wear it, but it is really annoying. Besides that, this sweater is amazing. It comes in navy and heather gray. I love the jewels on the shoulders, something I don't normally like. The fit of the sweater is amazing and it fits the body nicely. I love that it is both classic, but sorta trendy. The best part,  it is currently on sale. So, check this bad boy out here. It is well worth the money.