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Friday, November 22, 2013

Bridesmaids and Flower Girl's Gifts

I had a whopping 7 bridesmaids, including my sister the maid of honor, in my bridal party. John and I also had 3 flower girls, 1 honorary flower girl, and a ring bearer. The honorary flower girl was our niece Harper, but she does not walk to much and she didn't walk down the isle. We were not even going to try and get her to, but we still wanted to include her. The other flower girls were Emma, our other niece and Harper's big sister, Charlotte, a little girl I used to babysit (her mother and I are friends), and Eleri, the lady who took care of me growing up granddaughter. The ring bearer is our friend's son and his aunt was also one of my bridesmaids. I wanted to give the flower girls something that they actually wanted and could play with. I know many give little necklaces or something like that, but I just didn't feel that was something the girls would want. What I finally decided to was get 4 Little Carry-alls from and stuff them with fun things the kids would like. I got each carry-all for $12 and then had them monogramed with each girls initial. I went to target and got crayons and coloring books, goldfish crackers and other little things like that for Charlotte and Emma. For Eleri and Harper, I got teddy bears, little baby books and goldfish crackers. I was so happy with Emma (Dora coloringbook) and Charlotte (kitties coloring book) were coloring in their new coloring books at the rehearsal Dinner.
Thomas was not that much harder, I just did a blue bag and filled it with a spiderman coloring book, temporary tattoos that glow in the dark, and crayons that had pictures of the characters from Cars on them. My friend Holli said he colored in the car on the way to dinner :)

Flower girls and Ring bearer gifts
Bags are from they did the monograming too!

The bridesmaid gifts were a little harder. I picked dresses that had ruffles at the neck and thought jewelry would be too much with the ruffles. However, some girls wanted to wear a necklace and I knew all of them had a pearl necklace so I told them just to wear a pearl necklace (optional) and pearl earrings. So, what to give them since the traditional gift is the jewelry they would normally be wearing at the wedding. I wanted something personal, but something that was the same for everyone. I also wanted it to be something they could use again and again, a functional item. Monogramed tote bags! John's mom actually found these knock off L.L. Bean bags at The Christmas Tree store( I love that there is a zipper and an outside pocket)! I tried to get as close to everyone's favorite color that I could (the store only had 4 colors to chose from). I then took them to this little store near my office and got them all monogramed with each person's initials. Much to my delight, everyone ended up using the bag on the day of the wedding! I thought that it would be a good overnight bag or something like that. Since everyone changed at the church, the bridesmaids all brought their bags to throw their street clothes into. I am very happy and pleased they all liked the bags so much. I think they turned out great and they were pretty inexpensive to do as well. Just $14 a bag. 
Bridesmaid bags! I love them so much and had fun picking the thread colors for the monograming