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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bridal Showers

It is getting closer and closer to John and I's wedding date. I am so excited, but still have a lot to do, like losing a ton of weight. I recently bought a treadmill and I run 3 miles and then walk 1 mile on a 6.5 incline every night. I want to ideally lose 20 pounds before the wedding in October.

A great deal has been going on including my two bridal showers coming up in August! I am so excited, one is in Richmond and the other in Topsail. I have been trying to find two dresses to wear to them, but I keep getting torn here are a few links to ones i really love this green dressanother pretty green dressa printed dress there are a few others, but these are my top choices for now.

I feel a bit silly writing about trivial things, but i have not posted in a while