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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

my nerdy hobby

I am a nerdy person, it is just who I am. I have no complaints or qualms with it. One of my favorite things to do while watching television or crime documentaries is to crochet. Simply, what I do is crochet very small blankets to line the animal cages at various animal control centers. I hate the idea of cats and kittens sitting/laying on cold metal  floors, terrified and wondering why they are locked up and hoping they aren't going to be put to sleep.

I first noticed that my cats, Winston and Sissy, love the blanket I crocheted for my fiancĂ©, John. The two were constantly laying on or snuggling down under it when it was cold out. I made smaller ones for each of them (see, nerdy) and they love them! I decided that since John will not let me foster and we donate have much money we can donate, that I would make these little blankets for the cats and kittens at animal control. A friend of mine works there and she takes them in when I have made between 6 and 10. I even make them for all of her fosters and the cats she owns. Steph has sent me emails saying how much her cats love their blankets and so do her fosters. It makes me happy these little blankets act as security blankets for kitties.  Even better, these bad boys can be sent through the washer and the dryer! yup, that's right.

I took a photo of my latest batch, because I particularly like the colors and match ups that I did. If anyone out there has extra yarn or any yarn they would like to donate for me to use for the blankets they can mail them to HSAC P.O. Box 5117 Burlington NC 27516. I promise it will go towards blankets for the animals at animal control and in foster care. I would like to start making them for dogs as well, but that takes about 4-6 rolls of yarn.