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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Black cats and Tabby Cats Humane Society


Did you know black cats bringing bad luck is just a superstition? It's true. In places such as Great Britain, Ireland,  and even China and Japan black cats are considered good luck. What is even more interesting, is that in Scotland, a black cat's arrival at a home signifies prosperity. The concept of a black cat being unlucky is a Western idea, black cats are often looked at as evil omens, associated with witches acting as their spies or couriers.

So where did the idea that black cats are bad luck come from? This belief that black cats bring bad luck emanated primarily from two places the Puritans and the Black Plague. When the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock they brought with them their strong religious faith and a deep suspicion of anything deemed evil or associated with evil. The Puritans believed black cats were part demon and part human which is why they were companions to witches, thus they were evil. Anyone caught with a back cat was severely punished and many black cats were sensely  killed. 

During the Middle Ages the Bubonic Plague (also known at the black plague)  swept through Europe killing 1/3 of the population. The black plague was spread via fleas on rats. What aided in keeping the rat population down was house cats. Fisherman's wives famously kept black cats in the belief their presence would help protect their husbands while they were at sea. Following the outbreak of the black plague many cats died from the disease or were killed out of the belief they had something to do with the outbreak. As the black cat population decreased the rat population and plague death rate increased.  There is no record of a large scale massacres of cats or burning of them in England. Most likely because the English continued and still do believe them to be good luck.

Examples of black cats being believed to be good luck:

- sailors wanted "ship cats" who were black because it brought good luck
-sailors wives kept black cats believing it would keep their husbands safe at sea.
-single women believed owning a black cat would bring them many suitors.
-Egyptians believed having a black cat in the house would bring them favor with the Egyptian goddess Bastet
-King Charles I had a beloved black cat, after the death of the black cat he said his luck had run out. The next day Charles I was arrested
-the Scottish believe a black cats arrival at a home signifies prosperity

The Humane Society of Alamance County is running a special to get black cats and tabby cats into loving forever homes. Tabby cats and black cats are often overlooked when adoption time comes. We put our heads together to find a way to get these wonderful animals into loving homes, and here is our idea! For June ONLY, all Tabby and Black kitties have reduced adoption fees of only $40.
Reduced adoption fees does not mean they are worth any less, or that we will have less stringent adoption procedures. All of our animals are fully vetted (spay/neuter, micro chip, vaccines and health exam) and we also take the job of finding them the best home ever very important! Each and every animal will still require an application process, with vet reference interviews and home checks, when applicable
Visit their website website to learn more about Jasper, Jordan, Dusty, Silver, Geronimo, Lucy, Emily, Biscuits, Gravy and Aphrodite.