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Sunday, January 6, 2013

it is all coming along....slowly

quick catch up

Wedding plans are slowly coming along. as of now we have the church, reception venue, rehersal dinner place, bridesmaid dresses picked out, and my wedding dress ordered. not to mention the save the dates and we are even registered! while there is still tons to do, i feel better having accomplished so much already. plus, i know October 26 will be here in the blink of an eye.

john and i are both graduating from our higher education schools in may, it will be so nice to be done with school for a while. i am currently finishing up my thesis this semester and will be done May 2nd!!! John finishes and graduates May 12th, however, he then has 3 months of intense studying and bar classes ahead of him...then the dreaded bar. he can do it though. i know he can.

we had a wonderful christmas and new years. christmas was split between john's family and mine, but new years was here in charlotte. my sister and her boyfriend ray came to visit. i'll post about that another day when i have more time.

finally, and what i am most excited about, besides the new camera i got for christmas, is the two chairs john and i got off our regrestry for christmas!

 they are from pottery barn and the color is mineral green. they look completely different in person than on the web, they look far better. i love them! two down and 8 more to go!

 i hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday and new year!