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Saturday, June 9, 2012

This is NOT proactive, its better

We have all seen those Proactive commercials, you know, the ones with movie stars and singers who promise they have used Proactive and it worked for them and they guarantee that it too will work for you. Well, this post isn’t promoting Proactive. I know many people who have used proactive and say after two or three months it just stops working. Instead, I am going to tell you about a product I recently was introduced to by my friend Lisa, it is Time Wise Microdermabrasion set by Mary Kay.
            This stuff is AMAZING and does not mess around! As the Mary Kay website says there are “instant results, it fights fine lines, refines pores and achieves beautifully smooth skin—immediately” not only is this statement true, but there is more. After using the scrub and the replenish serum, which comes in the set, my face really did feel refreshed and very light. With other facial scrubs I have found my face tends to feel tight and dry, with Mary Kay’s microdermabrasion, there was no feeling of tightness, before I even put on the serum my face felt refreshed, clean and hydrated. Once I did apply the replenishment serum, not only did my skin feel even more hydrated, but my face continued to feel light and not weighted down by the moisturizer. Moreover, when I woke up the next morning, I saw an instant improvement in my skin and my face felt smooth and soft.
            I do want to stress some skin issues I have typically and that are an influencing factor in products I decide to try and use.  I tend to worry about dry skin, black heads, breakouts around my chin and forehead area, and i have sensitive skin, oh and I am fair skinned. Lots of factors I have to take into consideration right? Well not with the microdermabrasion. Mary Kay has thought of everything when it comes to this product. I can use it a few times a week and my skin has never looked better, smaller pores, fewer to no break outs and its perfect for sensitive skin.

Are you interested? I hope you are. I was skeptical, especially since I have heard horror stories of mary kay sales representatives. BUT have NO FEAR because Lisa is fantastic and patient and will answer all your questions with complete honesty. Wanna try a product but don’t live in charlotte? No problem, check out her website here and you can have products shipped to you fo’ free!
Not enough? Well guess what, Mary Kay is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t like the product or have issues with it, you can return it for a full refund or try a different product. Please check out Lisa’s website and especially this product. Remember, your skin is incredibly important and the time and money you put into it will show now and later in life.