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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John and I went to celebrate our friend Marshall's marriage to Valerie. It was a beautiful wedding and we had tons of fun. personally, i like weddings because i get to dress up and wear one of the million of dresses that i have and don't otherwise get to wear. Also, we get to see some of john's friends that we otherwise rarely see. Luckily, charlton and louisa were at this wedding. i love them.

 cool little country-ish band at the wedding
 Charlton and his gf Louisa. this is the most serious you will ever see Charlton
 I can cross one eye. i have no idea how i do it
 Steven and his masked gf. she was cold
 oh worth, how i love you. so drunk and enjoying his snickers ice cream bar on the bus back to the hotel
 there were some baby geese.
 Winnie waiting for her walk. poor puppy. so pathetic

my john, me, and my fatty arm.