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Sunday, October 9, 2011


so, for one reason or another, i am really into making wreaths right now. i don't really want to keep all of them, just make them. that being said, i am trying to sell some that i have made. a few are pictured below, $20 per wreath. if you have special requests, i am more than happy to take them and make wreath just for you.

assorment of white buttons. various shapes and sizes

more of a christmas wreath. again, various sizes and colors of green buttons with a big cute (in my opinion) bow

i call this the bald head island wreath, because i got the shells and wreath twigs from bald head island. great for a beach or river house

close up. i made the felt circles

i think this one is anthropologie looking. i made different size felt circles in red, green and white.

my obssession with felt circles contines. I choose ECU as the first school because that is where my bf went to undergrad. I am working on a USC one now, and then going for VT and VCU, and UVA. got a school in mind? let me know and i can make it.

email me at for questions or requests