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Saturday, October 1, 2011

wedding weekend

it has been a month since i have posted. oops. everyweekend i have had something to do or tons of school work. thus, things have fallen to the wayside. This past weekend, John and I went to Seweene, TN for his friends Emily and Cole's wedding.
The pair had their wedding at the University because that is where they "remet" and fell in love. Both Emily and Cole went to boarding school, along with John, howetver, they both went their seperate ways, hung out with different groups, and dated other people. once they were freshmen at Seweene, the two rekindled a friendship and fell in love. This was the first time i had met either of them, but they are very sweet amazing people and i wish them all the

Robertson giving some love to John

Emily and Cole's beautiful wedding cake. i know one layer was carrot cake. the icing was the best part
where the happy couple was married.beautiful view
one of the table settings at the reception. i thought it was beautiful and very anthropologie
my handsom boy dressed for the rehersal
me and jhg at the rehersal. it was in a barn.
john's best buddy charlton and his lovely gf, Louisa