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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ya know

Here is the deal, I hate when people are explaining a particular subject or telling a story and they constantly keeping saying “ya know?” no, I don’t know. If you have to ask the person you speaking with “ya know”, then no, we don’t know. There is a particular girl in my law classes; I’ll call this girl “Nancy,” whom I loath to hear speak simply because of her overuse of “ya know.” A few weeks ago, and this is a regular occurrence, Nancy will raise her hand to either ask a question or answer a question and will go off onto this rapid illogical speech pattern and at the end of each sentence ask the professor “ya know?” In this particular instance, I think she is asking because deep down Nancy knows she is not being clear. Either she has not collected or thoughts or is just thinking out loud, but Nancy stop it. Just think it through. It’s ok to email the professor or write down your question and read it out loud. For the rest of the class’s sake, please.

As a person speaking, if you suddenly feel the urge to ask “ya know?” stop yourself and think am I asking this to make sure they are listening or am I not explaining myself well. If it is the latter, it’s ok to pause for a minute and collect your thoughts. Communication is not an easy task, people work on communicating their entire lives. Oh, and more than anything, you sound stupid and uneducated when one keeps repeating “ya know?” ya know what I mean?