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Saturday, July 9, 2011


today, i found out i'm a turtle. alyssa, lauren and i were joking around when i started to pretend that a comment made by alyssa had hurt my feelings.
"i'm sensative, alyssa. now my feelings are hurt" accompanied by a sadface
"pshhhhh you are not sysative. you are probably the least sensative person in the store" lauren countered.
alyssa chimmed in and came to merritt's defense,
"merritt is more of a turtle. she's got that big ol' heavy shell that protects her from the world while she watches and interacts."
**** sidenote, alyssa is british and said all this with her fantastic british accent****
i think alyssa is correct, i am a turtle of sorts. i am very liberal in my social attitudes and the way i view the government. i do believe in a strong federal government, universal health care, an end to no child left behind, etc. i won't get into all my beliefs. anyways, i agree with alyssa, because i don't let what people say get to me. i greatly dislike stupid, lazy and inspid people, or those who are ignorant frustrate me to no end. however, it is hard to shock, offend, or hurt me... and if you do manage to hurt me, i have a quick mouth and chances are there will be a verbal duel. either way, i take what alyssa said to be a compliment. plus, turtles can be cute.
have a great day, and a plesant tommorrow