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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dear colour pink,

I am writing you a letter to apologize and say I am sorry it just isn't going to work out. I have tried really hard in the last few months to want to wear pink,to find clothes in pink or some house hold object I can at the very least obtain in pink. But I have come to realize,as i suspected, I am just not a pink person anymore. Growing up i loved pink. I had many pink clothes, skirts, dresses, tops, I was always the pink power ranger during recess and my room was even pink during my elementary school years.. Alas, it is no more a colour I want or use to define my personality through clothes or objects. And for that, I am sorry. Maybe one day we will meet again and I can once again incorporate shades of pink into my life. Until then, I'll have to settle for liking pinks in sunsets and sunrises and be content and happy with the many shades and hues of blues that now make up my closet and aspects in my life.

I am sorry, pink. many people still love and adore you as a colour.