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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

27. A picture and story of a new friend

This is my friend Jennifer. I think she is sexy, adorable, smart, a fashionista, entertaining, smashing, sweet, and a wonderful person to talk to on any topic. Jennifer and I met in law school during our property class, my favorite, and her least favorite. Our professor split the class up into several groups containing 5 students. Jennifer and I were in the same group. We started chatting a little, then soon found out we had many of the same views and stupid, ignorant people annoy us. Sadly, Jennifer transferred to a different section and I am now transferring schools, so we don’t get to see each other every day like we used to. HOWEVER, Jennifer and I go out to dinner for sushi or Mexican every other week or so and catch up, debate, gossip, drink sake-tinis, and not be around insipid students. I really enjoy talking to Jennifer because she has an inquiring mind. When I tell her future plans, my take on books, politics, movies, people, actions, whatever it is she questions when there is something she doesn’t understand, wants to know more about, disagrees, debates me, and vice versa. The is an enjoyable intellectual prodding that occurs between us. Even when one of us is at a loss for words when we are telling a story or trying to explain a particular subject, the other gets it. More than that, we can say anything with fear or judgment from the other.