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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7. Pet peeves

Pet peeves
Oh, gosh. I have quite a few pet peeves. Most of the things that bother or irk me revolve around people who are closed minded, lazy, greedy, take advantage of others, not good friends, liars, narcissistic, when people say they will do something and then don’t, when people are rude or self-absorbed, that sort of stuff.

I have other pet peeves, but they tend to also be my preference. I don’t like it when things are messy, dishes in the sink, trash not taken out, clutter, too many possessions. Etc. whenever I feel like I am accumulating too many “things” I clean out my apartment or closet. Whatever it is I feel is becoming stifling. It tends to be my closet or desk.

And the biggest pet peeves: stupid people and bad drivers

Not too bad, eh?