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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6. How you do your hair/makeup

I am not very fussy when it comes to make up. i rarely deviate from my normal makeup routine and if i do it is to put on a different eye shadow color or the other blush (i only have two).
when i started wearing makeup, my mother took me to the clinic counter and had them teach me to put on makeup in a fresh, clean way. I never wear heavy makeup or foundation. it just isn't good for the skin. My mother told me it is important to always buy nice makeup, not something cheap or drugstorey because "you will have your skin and face your entire life. You don't want to get acne or bad skin because you purchased cheap makeup." and i have adhered to that rule.
When it comes to the makeup i wear:
* chanel eclat lumiere highlighter face pen to cover under the eye circles and any "problem" areas...i.e. a zit.
*chapstick-no one likes crusty dry lips
* clinique city base oil-free powerder 04 bare beige with SPF15
*clinique high impact curling mascara (black)
*chanel les tissages blush duo tweed effect OR clinique soft pressed powder in 04 pink blush
* and then sometimes some eyeshadow from the various mac colors i have--just depends on my mood and where i am going

hmmm. i have really really really thick hair. every hair stylest i have had, friends who touch it, family, boyfriends, always comment on how thick my hair is. it is also very healthy. but here's the deal. i do nothing to it. no joke. i wash it and thats it. i don't blow dry it, straighten, put hair spray or anything else in it. i have long layers cut into it at an asysmetrical angle, and i love it. i brush my hair after a shower, before bed, or when i wake up in the morning, otherwise i just let it be and i think it is healthier because of that.

occasional i'll curl my hair, wear it up, or something like that. but not often. i prefer to let it do whatever it is its going to do. sorry mass consumerism, i haven't and won't fall to purchasing abnormal amounts of beauty products or hair stuff that i don't need and will probably just make my skin and hair worse. cheers