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Monday, May 9, 2011

4. Favorite place(s) you’ve been to and where you’d like to travel next

4. Favorite place(s) you’ve been to and where you’d like to travel next
Since I am pressed for time, I will list my favorite places I have been, but they will not have explanations to why they are my favorite places. I love Europe and it is one of, if not my favorite places to visit. There is such history, rich culture, so many things to see and experience, new food and people… it just goes on and on.

Some of my favorite places I have been include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order):
- Rennes, France
- Paimpont and the Broceliande Forrest both in France
- Huelgoat, France
- St. Malo
- Mont St. Michel, France
- Caen, France
- Winchester, England
- Glastonbury, England
- Tintagel, England
- Tintern, Wales
- Chepstow
- Caerleon
- Oxford
- London, England

Where I’d like to visit
- Greece
- Italy
- Ireland
- Scotland
- Morocco
- Iceland
- New Zeland
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Egypt
- Everywhere
- Canada

John and I have been talking about going to this town in main which inspired many of norman rockwell’s paintings. So, I believe that will be our next stop. Then we have said for our honey moon we will go to Scotland. Yay.

Winchester Castle

Tintern Abby

A castle in Enland, but i forget where

Me and my best friend Hilary walking back from the beach in Tintagel

me just chilling in the thousands of year old ruins of Tintagel castle

sorry about the clarity of the picture. i took it from inside a car. but its of London.

Me in the devils grotto in Huelgoat, France

Mont St. Micheal. I could have spent a month here alone.

The Chartres Cathedral in France