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Friday, May 6, 2011

2. A quote

"there is dignity in silence"

I love this quote because there is so much truth to it. I believe that silence may come off in several ways, but the two most often felt is dignity or frostly malicious. When one is outspoken, loud, and shares all their private most intimate thoughts, there is nothing left for just that person. They are seeking attention from anyone and everyone. Personally, I find people who jump around, are hyperactive, speak too much into their private life, and have no boundaries are fools and carry themselves as such. I have often had co-workers, classmates, and friends (not close ones), tell me they know nothing of my private life or positions on certain issues. I easily will tell others I am liberal, but do not go much past that. I like political, philosophical, and moral debates and discussions, but I debate them from a 3rd stance and try to remain from inserting my feelings and keep the discussion to the facts and beliefs based on past happenings and potential future ones.

Hayden, one of my references for law school, wrote in his recommendation letter “…descriptive words I would choose to describe Ms. Droste include honest, trustworthy, highly intelligent, genuine, gregarious, devoted, curious, industrious, reliable, responsible, passionate, grounded, objective, poised, selfless, and kind…” Personally, this is one of the greatest and most touch compliment I have ever received. I especially like the poised part ;)

There you have it. my quote.

Kate Middleton: poised, dignified, demur, elegant