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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

17. A picture of your night

John and i went to a wedding in va beach. it was a ton of fun, open bar, and lots of dancing to a "cover band." i say that because the band did cover songs, but not limited to one singer or band. actually, they sang beyonce's All the Single Ladies and i along with several other people thought they had switched to a dj. they were that amazing. the picture above was taken at the rehearsal dinner. the groom picked a reggie theme. but for one reason or another they were passing out Maudie graw masks. john somehow found a dinosaur mask. idk how he does these things

this is a picture of john at the actual wedding. his drink was a bit on the tart side. i think he looks so cute in the picture. AND his tie is my school and undergrad colors. Freeman and Longwood