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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


for my birthday, back in january, my boyfriend john gave me a woodburning tool with several changable tips. I have really gotten into woodburning, but it is hard, and slightly dangerous. I have successfully completed two woodburnings. the first is a small piece for John of the ECU pirate. I drew it on the block, then burned it, then painted, then stained. i think it turned out well.

1st picture: the pirate after i burned it into the unfinished wood. 2nd picture: after painted and stained the pirate

After I completed the pirate i decided to tackle something more complex and detailed...the longwood seal. I love longwood and couldn't imagine having gone to a different school. part of me misses the good ol' longwood days and my best friends and i still reflect on our time at LU. But, i digress. I used the same procedure for creating the Longwood woodburing.

1st picture: i drew the longwood seal

2nd picture: after burning

3rd picture: after staining.