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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making a table runner from placemats

My New Table Runner

Sometimes I sew. Not very often because i have to be in the mood to, a crafty mood, or i sew when it is absolutly necessary. a few days ago i ordered a top from, but was sad when it came and was too large. When I went to the store i just returned it, i didn't see anything there i particularly needed or wanted. I had the return money and for whatever reason it was burning a hole in my pocket. I walked down to pottery barn figuring i could get a new pillow case that i have been in desperate need of. I found a pillow case, which i love, and i also found some pretty placemats on sale for $4.99. Generally, i am not too into placemats because i have a small round table, but i was really starting to feel that burning hole in my pocket....

I purchased 3 of the placemats featured in the picture below and decided to make a table runner out of them. It actually wasn't that hard. I used a seam ripper to pull apart the stiching, connected all 3 together with straight pins, turned it inside out, then sewed the bad boy up on my sewing maching. Finally, I turned it right ways, stiched up the small hole, ironed, and ta-da! a table runner that i made for $15. I am actually quiet proud of myself. I looked on to see how much table runners go for anywhere between $39 and $110.

Pictured below is my completed table runner. it is 14 x 60inches. i wish the picture turned out better. these pictures do not capture the rich colors of the greens and yellows that are in the fabric. it has a great old world feel to it, which i love. This project in total only took about an hour or two. the most tedious and time consuming part what removing the stiching then pinning everything. after those steps are done, it is a breeze to finish. (i want to add the table runner is the straight and even all the way down . i took this picture at a weird angle to get the whole runner in the picture, so it looks like it is different sizing in different parts. but it isn't).

Below is an attempt i made to take a picture of the cornor of the fabric so one can see how pretty it is. I have a really old camera and it did a crummy job of capturing the vivid beautiful colors. You can always go to pottery barn and take a look in person ;)

a little information on the placemats i used to make this:

* it is a block print placemat

* 14 x 20 inches (before i sewed them together)

Design and quality features:

An age old textile printing technique. Artisans cut patterns onto wooden blocks, then individually stamp the fabric using the blocks and dyes that reflect our seasonal palette. The pressure that is hand applied to the blocks results in a slightly different color application to each piece of fabric. the inherent variation in this process enhances the individual beauty.