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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cup of tea

past week: oh boy was i in trouble with my doctor. Not trouble in a bad way, but in a waaaaay toooooo much caffeine way. I have been having trouble sleeping,, so i went to the doctor to see if there were any issues with me i should be worried about or if it was just one of those sleepless months type of deal. I should have realized before i went in for my appointment that my sleep problems would be related to caffeine, but i was hoping it was stress from law school or something else.

where it all started: when i was a senior in college at longwood university, i was very busy. no joke. i was taking 18 credits, studying for the lsat (the law school entrance exam), i was in 5 honors societies and functioning as an office member in 3 of them, completing the last of my requirements for the longwood honors program, and acting as an international buddy. needless to say, i felt as if there were just not enough hours in a day. just a few months prior, i had spent part of my summer in England and picked up a few habits while there. I have always been a huge tea drinker since i was a small child, i don't like coffee (The benefits for tea are endless and i love all the different flavors). while in England, i enjoyed several cups of tea a day and loved that most places served cream n' tea---that is a pot of tea and two scones which i slathered in clotted cream and jelly--all for around 3 pounds.
When i returned home i continued to drink tea and found i had more energy due to the naturally occurring caffeine from tea than diet coke. by the middle of the semester i was chain drinking tea! i couldn't sleep at night, but i was getting all my work done and maintaing stellar grades : ). While home for a vacation, my mother took me to the doctor for my lack of sleep and he questioned me on my diet.... all was fine and dandy until i told him i drank around 10 cups of tea a day and 2 or 3 diet cokes. i know, soooo soooo bad. boy was i in trouble. my mother just about fell out of the chair and said she would have been less surprised if the doctor had told her i was pregnant. The doctor told me i had to cut back to two cups a tea a day and 1 diet coke. I did this, sadly, and was able to sleep at night.
now: It has been two years since by 10 cups of tea a day incident...sorta. I am in law school and i have the weirdest schedule ever. I am drinking tea all day again, i would not say 10 cups, more like 5, but i know it is more than i should be drinking. Tea has many benefits for the body, such as: speeds up the metabolism, keeps off water weight, vitamins and such for the body, immune system additives....and so forth. I think this time around it will be harder to cut back since i have much more studying and reading than i ever did in college. oh well, i am sure there are worse addictions than tea. Tea is something i love and i think there is no bad time for a cup of tea. including right now.