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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tacky sweater party

This post is about a month late, but oh well. At the end of my first semester in law school, a mutual friend of mine and john's threw a tacky sweater party to celebrate the end of the semester, the happiness of no more finals, and start of winter break. John and I both knew that we would go to the party, I knew that everyone would get their tacky sweaters from goodwill or ebay. I wanted something different, something unlike anyone else's sweaters.

I can be very artistic and crafty when I want to be (seriously. I did a painting that is on display at the F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar and Grill located on the cornor of main street and Stafford street in Richmond, Va). I decided to forgo the sweaters since it was the middle of winter and i am chronically cold and go for sweatshirts instead. i took a trip to wally world and purchased a brown hoodie for John and a red crew neck sweatshirt for myself for a mere $5 each. then after a quick trip to Micheal's for some felt and craft glue, i spent that Saturday getting crafty.
For John's hoodie i painted a Rudolf face with an obnoxious red glitter nose and ears. I made some glitter snowflakes and john wanted jungle bells running down the sleeves, i sewed those on as well. To make the hoodie unique, I made a pair of antlers out of felt and pipe cleaners then attached them to the hood, thus when the hood was up it looked like john had antlers. I thought I did a pretty good job. People at the party kept asking where he got his hoodie from or if they could buy it. John was proud and I was happy. the party was fun too.

My hoodie was simple, but i still really liked it. I made a large Christmas tree out of green glitter paper then covered it with ornaments i made, puff paint ornaments, and buttons. I added a few jingle bells on a few branches and made a large gold star for the top. The last thing i did on both sweatshirts was to add "Merry" with puff paint on the back of my sweatshirt and "Christmas" to the back of john's. how couply cute, eh?

i may go into a tacky sweater making business. I like them anyways.