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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Rules for preppies. With some comments by me

Fashion Rules
We know that many of you understand the principles of preppy style. But just to be sure, let's review them again.

We wear sportswear. This makes it easier to go from sporting events to social events (not that there is much difference) without changing.
We generally underdress. We prefer it to overdressing.
Your underwear must not show. Wear a nude-colored strapless bra. Pull up your pants. Wear a belt. Do something. Use a tie!
We do not display our wit through t-shirt slogans. Every single one of us-no matter the age or gender or sexual preference-owns a blue blazer. ( in reference to this, I am a strong believer in the navy blazer. I actually have two, a Spring and Summer one that is a lighter weight, has a slight sheen to it, and a really pretty light pink and white strip lining. J Crew of course. I also have the blazer shown to the left. It too is from J Crew. It retails for $188 and called the schoolboy blazer. What makes the school boyblazer so great, and why I have 3, yes 3, is that it is a boy's blazer cute narrow and slimfit for a woman. As the jcrew website describes it, and very accuratly I must say, "the schoolboy blazer, updated with a slightly shruncken, superchic fit and authentic haberdasher-inspired design details like a lapel buttonhole, a ticket pocket and crested gold buttons for a touch of legacy luxe. wool. lapel collar. long sleeves (just roll them up when its hot or cool out) sleeve vents with buttons. welt pockets with flaps, chest welt pockets. back vent. fully lined. hits at hip.) Go buy yourself one. and if you are a student or teacher, show your id for a 15% discount on full price items!
We take care of our clothes, but we're not obsessive. A tiny hole in a sweater, a teensy stain on the kneww of our trousers, doesn't throw us. We do, however, wear a lot of white in the summer, and it must be spotless. Don't knock seersucker till you've tried it (only between Memorial day and labor day).
Clothes can cost any amount, but they must fit. Many a preppy has an item from a vintage shop or a lost-and-found fin at the club that was tailored and looks incredibly chic. Do not fret if cashmere is too pricey, (I get my cashmere tees and cardigans from j crew. They are around $30 at the J crew factory store in Lynchburg, Va). Preppies love cotton and merino-wool sweaters. (so true! My boyfriend who is very preppy, like myself :) he wears merino v-necks over button downs several times a week and loves them. Granted John went to Episcopal High School, a boarding school in NOVA, and has maintained that preppy dress since highschool. But I've been wearing kakhis, polos, blazers, stripes,and sperry boat shoes since highschool.

Bags and shoes need not match. Jewlery should not match, though metals should.

Nose rings are never preppy.
Neither are belly-button rings.
nor are tongue studes.
and that goes for ankle bracelets.
Tattoos: men who have been in a war have them, and that's one thing. Anyone else looks like she is trying hard to be cool. Since the body ages, if you must tattoo, find a spot that won't stretch too much. (This I agree and disagree with. I do think that getting a tattoo is abig decision and needs to be somewhere that when you get older or for job purposes can be covered up. I also stongly agree with the idea of getting a tattoo on a place that won't have too much stretch as one ages. I worked with a guy whose brother had a tattoo of a rose on his forearm. "Meh," right? wrong. He gained weight and after a while that rose looked like a cabbage. Im just saying. Just makes sure if you get a tatt it can be covered up.)
Men may wear sneakers with linen or cotton trousers to casual summer parties. Women over the age of 15 may wear a simple black dress. Women over the age of 21 must have several in rotation. High heel rule-- you must be able to run on them--on cobblestones, on a dock, in case of a spontaneous foot race.

Preppies are considerate about dressing our age. It is for you, not for us. You may wear a Harvard sweatshirt if: you attended Harvard, your spouse attentded Harvard, or your children attended Harvard. Otherwise, you are inviting an uncomfortable question. (Disagree and agree. My family has several family members on my mother's side who went to harvard years ago. Therefore, my sister and I both have Harvard Shirts. I have also been there. so : p ).

Taken from Vanity Fair