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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

i think that this quote is very accurate of myself. I am definatly different. i have my own opinions, i am open to what others think, believe and feel, i think respect is lacking in the world, and people lie to easily.

Lately, my big issue is with people who take advantage of others or pretend to be a friend until the person needs them or just wants to talk and said "friend" goes M.I.A. i think its important to remember you can't get wrapped up in your own life and forget about others. I see evidence of it all the time, on facebook of all places (shocker i know). if you have time to update your status 15 times a day, comment or post on 20 friend's walls, and do all the shit you say you are doing in your status, then pick up the phone and text/call that friend who has moved away, the friend you rarely talk to anymore, send an email, write a letter, something. Don't let people slip out of your life. someday you may realize how important that person is/was to you, and by then it may be to late to reconnect. don't let a person who went away to school, moved, got a more demanding job, or whatever it is float out of your life.

now to completely go the opposite way, you may not want people in your life who cast you aside as such. the person who stops calling or emailing because you went to college or moved away. how true of a friend are they? the people who really are your friends and care about you will keep in touch and be there. I am lucky enough to have some great friends and support team, and i don't just mean my family. Holli, Hilary, Melanie, Liz, Jake, Hayden, Paul M., Paul D.,Ty,Mitch, Christiana,and Jenny have all been there for me. Even when i relocated 322 miles from home, they still keep in touch. some i talk to more reguarly than others, but all return my calls, texts, or emails, and iniate them on their own, while respecting that i do have tons of studying so if i don't respond right away, they know i am not ignoring, but i will return the means of communication.

it's ok to be jealous of my friends, if i were you, i would be. : )

basically i am saying, talk to the ones you love, hug them often, tell them reguarly you love them and how important they are, never let them slip away. keep them tethered and close like a ball on a string.