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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

little update

so far school is great. there is only one class i really just can't stand, and one class where i am lost...well, i understand what is going on, i just get confused.

erroneous cases i have learned about

1. dumbass sues pepsi because he sees a plane in a pepsi commercial. he wants to purchase the plane with his pepsi points. he sends the points to pepsi who in turn write him a letter saying only items available in the magazine can be purchased with pepsi points. the plane is not in the magazine. further more, the plane is a joke in the commercial and not part of the pepsi points game. said dumbass sues pepsi saying he wants his plane as promised. trial court judges says "no, it was never part of the game" smarty then appeals the case only to have the appeals court say "no, what didn't you understand about no from the trial court." getting all those pepsi points costs the plaintiff $700,000

2. a fan catches the 73rd homerun ball hit by barry bonds. a crowd knocks him over and he drops the ball. defendant picks the ball up and says it is his based on discovery by aquisition. first dude wants the ball back and is angry. so he sues. yes, he sues to get the ball back. the judge decides that both men are equal and fair owners of the ball. so he says the ball has to be cut in half. not really. but the baseball is to be sold and the money split 50/50. four years later the ball is sold for $450,000. while i do think its silly to go to court over a baseball, can't complain about that money