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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

found this on the internet. i picked my favs. what men should know

Things that make us go "awww"
no 908: despite what we say, you holding a baby with complete confidence is an absolute aphrodisiac. Put the baby down and come touch me

Subtle can be very sexy
we'll take nice forearms over a six pack anyday

don't try to figure us out. we don't know what will make us happy either. it is something we have been trying to figure out since the dawn of time. (except me. i know that traveling, walks, and quiet time with my significate other is what makes me happy. and lots and lots of books)

you don't really know what women are thinking. really you don't

if you stop with the compliments, the so might out efforts to look as hot as we did when we started dating. why should we spend time and money that we don't have in excess when our target audence doesn't notice?--- that being said, i say don't over do it. it will become meaningless. only say it if you mean it. a guy i know and like will sparacticly tell me and it makes me so happy when he does. plus i believe him.

don't be too obvious. that low cut top-- we wouldn't wear if we didn't want you to look. just be discrete about it

being endering never got anyone into bed.

words and actions are powerful. full stop.

we want you text or email us random things that pop into your mind. it means u thought to contact us.