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Friday, August 13, 2010

kitchen table

<-- the table here is the same table below. i purchased the table off craig's list for a mere $30, and my wonderfully kind friend even went and picked it up for me from hanover, then dropped it off at my house. The table itself is sold wood, and extremely heavy. the top, however, has a lamanet layering, and i hated that.
Basically, I stripped the table and then painted the bottom black, but the top, due to the lamanet, could not be taken off. So, I purchased a piece of burch wood and after several failed debacles involving liquid nails, liquid cement and several very heavy stones, just nailed the damn thing to the existing top. I then cut down the top into a circle, sanded, sanded, sanded, mixed two stains, and stained the table top. ta da! a table for my new apartment.
i really do like my table, not just because i literally put my blood, sweat and tears into. Now, i will spend countless hours studying law at this here little table