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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Protruding Spines on Mannequins...nasty

My dear friend Melanie found this and i thought I'd share. Here is the link to the person's blog,, but i also copied her writing and listed it below as well.

As a recovered anorexic (and a feminist, and a HUMAN BEING), I was incredibly outraged to discover that Club Monaco have gone out of their way to conceptualize and manufacture mannequins that are visibly dying of starvation. "No!" said one Club Monaco marketing executive to his or her colleague, "It's just not enough to display our clothing on mannequins that wear a size zero. Size zero mannequins imply that our mannequins may just be naturally lithe. Not good enough. I think we need to communicate to our clientele that our clothes look best on ANOREXICS." "Brilliant," said the other Club Monaco marketing executive, "Anorexic mannequins. Perfect.."This is one of the most disgusting things that the fashion industry has done to perpetuate and validate the anorexic body yet! I absolutely cannot comprehend why these people would consciously decide to sculpt emaciated spinal cords into their mannequins. How could people do that? Don't they realize that they're being evil? I remember what my life was like when my spinal cord looked like a Club Monaco mannequin spinal cord. It was a LIVING HELL. I was miserable, and I was dying. I was suffering from a legitimate psychiatric illness that I desperately wanted to escape from, but- for a long time- couldn't, because anorexia is a manifestation of powerlessness. I don't want to oversimplify the situation- eating disorders are complex, and arguments like "Girls are going to walk into Club Monaco and see these mannequins and then starve themselves!" are uneducated and unrealistic. Walter Benjamin once said that "fashion defends the right to be a corpse"; that quote has always resounded with me, because it certainly defended mine. I can only speak from personal experience, and these mannequins remind me of a period of time in my life when I was searching for the strength to get myself out of the black hole that was my eating disorder, and the fashion industry made it a lot harder for me to do so.When I was sick, I would walk into a high-end clothing store, and employees would fawn over my ability to "Wear anything!" Or, I'd flip through an issue of Vogue, and take comfort in the fact that models' arms looked just like mine did. The fashion industry validated my right to an anorexic body, and, as an anorexic, I took comfort in that. Two years ago, these mannequins would have been another roadblock inhibiting my recovery; another foil, reminding me that anorexia is actually totally cool and awesome and sexy and acceptable. I would not wish anorexia upon my worst enemy. It's pretty fucking tragic that Club Monaco, apparently, would wish it upon their clientele.

(my thoughts)Personally, I am simply appalled that Club Monaco would do such a thing as to create anorexic manikins. I work in a retail store, and there are 4 clients who come in and shop regularly. The thing about these four clients is that they are ridiculously skinny, disgustingly so. Their jaws protrude, skin hangs from their faces, and their legs are roughly the size of my arms. When the store where I work began carrying a size 24 in pants the 4 women were ecstatic. I was disgusted. How can they possibly think they look good? I have asked several male friends, including my now ex-boyfriend, if women who are this thin are attractive. Every male i asked said "no it is not. They look gross, sickly, and there is nothing to hold on to."

when a woman lacks fat, they begin to look much older than they really are. It is hard to say who is to blame for developing the idea that a wafe like appearance is attractive. do high end designers embrace it because they really do think the clothes hang better on thin women? or is the public eating up the thin look because they think it is beautiful? do designers create emaciated looks because it is accepted and imitated by the public? or does the public imitate the look because designers say to?