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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Senator Bunting is blocking the extension of jobless benefits, and Senator Kyle says such benefits encourage people not to look for a job. He mentioned COBRA as a needless benefit, too, not even thinking that the small job benefit is often used to pay for the higher-cost COBRA.

Reconciliation has been used 22 times in the last 20 years--16 times by Republicans (Bush tax cuts, Medicare and Medicaid reductions, drilling in the Artic) and 6 times by Democrats (children's health, Cobra, medicare taxes and most other health measures). Republicans claim it is sneaky and unfair, but the health bill has ALREADY been approved by both houses of Congress. The reconciliation is only to iron our the DIFFERENCES between the versions already approved and not the whole bill. The bill needs a majority (not 60 votes) to pass each house, per the Constitution. Watch for the bill to pass and then all Republicans read from the same page--2,000 pages jammed down our throats, government take over, high cost, etc.

Republicans have used the filibuster 117 times over this last Congressional session. That's twice as much (58 times) as used by Democrats at its highest point in the past. And Republicans say they are not the Party of No? The roles of the filibuster are to allow debate and protect minority interest and not to prevent elected officials from discussing and voting on bills for the American people.

The Virginia legislature will allow concealed guns in bars (but the carrier cannot drink---so why did he go in the bar?). What are they thinking?!

The Virginia legislature recently passed a resolution sent to the U.S. Congress asserting tenth amendment states' rights for powers belonging to the states. The resolution failed to mention the supremacy clause of the Constitution that declares federal law trumps all state law and that nullification (as asserted by South Carolina in the 1830s) is illegal. This country tried supreme states rights in the 1790s with the Articles of Confederation, and it didn't work!