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Thursday, September 24, 2009

shower gel and bathroom antics

Warning, this maybe TMI for some readers.
Tonight when I decided to take my evening shower, I went into the bathroom as usual, warmed up the water, and hopped in. Well, about two minutes into my shower I realized I had left my new bottle of shower gel in my room. Damn it. At this point I have two options: I can brave the cold and run to my room to retrieve the holy grail of shower gels, or I can use the old regular bar of soap that has served me so well until this recent purchase. Life can be so tough when dropping temperatures quickly is involved.
I hate when this happens, and I am sorry to say this happens more frequently than I would like it to. Now, I don’t always leave whatever it is in my room, but it is still problematic when what I need is on the sink and I am in the shower. I still have elect jump out and recover my item or do without because I am cozy with the temperature in the shower. Maybe I will just get a giant tupper wear container and keep everything in there, but I do not think I would like the mess it would make.