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Thursday, August 6, 2009

the horrors of the post office

I went to the post office today, which is something i dread because it takes forever, but not today! it took me a mere 10 minutes to mail 15 packages, including two that were going overseas. Words cannot capture how happy i was when i walked out of the post office. literally, it was pure enjoyment.
there are several reasons i hate going to the post office so much:
1. it takes forever, they are notoriously slow.
2. stay at home moms wait until everyone else's breaks from work to do what they need to do, thus adding more length and chaos to the already dreadful lines when they could have gone anytime during the day.
3. people come in and do not have their forms filled out, packages wrapped, tapped, or whatever, then are confused when they are asked to step out of line and do so, then cut the line after they have done what they should have done at home.
4.this one really annoys me-- people waiting in line to buy 1 stamp, yes O.N.E. stamp and mail a letter. there is a machine right when u walk in that accepts every form of payment for stamps.
5. no one actually knows what the hell they are doing.
6. people are on their cell phones, then when it is finally their turn they don't get off and expect everyone to wait while the finish their call. OR the person behind the counter can't do anything because said customer won't answer since they are on their cell phone.

i am happy to say that today, none of the usual headaches occured. i am so thankful