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Monday, May 25, 2009

Th1rteen R3asons why

i just finished reading this book called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Basically, its about this girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide but before she dies she records 7 cassett tapes, 13 sides, telling the reasons why she decided to take her life. She mentions 13 people and how the contributed to her decision to kill herself and what they did to her. It is not the most well written book, but the concept and events are excellent, if i can use that word. Any way back to the tapes, one of the people on the tapes recieves them, listens to all 13 sides then mails the tapes to whomever was mentioned after them on the tapes. Hannah makes the threat that if you do not pass on the tapes someone who has another copy will release them to the public and all their dirty secrets will be out for the world to know. needless to say, the tapes are passed on. Clay is the character who is listening to the tapes at this point. i won't say anymore because you are going to have to read the book for yourself.

This book got me thinking about a friend of mine from high school. I graduated in 2004, about a month into my freshman year of college my friend, Andrew committed suicide. To this day i don't know why. Hannah made the tapes and let everyone know why. The whole time Clay thinks to himeself "you could have reached out harder and i would have helped." I felt the same way about Andrew, i wished he had reached out to someone so they could have helped him in some way, or i could have helped if he had let me know. the rumor i heard was the night he killed himself he was drunk and at a party, got into a fight with his friend took a gun someone had brought to the house and left. He went downtown and shot himself in the head. I don't believe a majority of this story. Andrew was too sweet and nice of a person, not to say nice ppl can't kill themselves. But i don't think Andrew would take his life over an argument. there has to be more. for a split second i wish he had left tapes so we would know why he choose to believe life was not worth living anymore, but at the same time i think it would have made me feel awful to know the things that upset him, yet nothing was done to make his life better from those instances. I think its hard to know why people choose to kill themselves. some think it will solve their problems, some that the world will miss once they are gone, some reasons are selfish, some are because the person is ill and wants to avoid a slow painful death, there are many reasons and most will never be known.