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Friday, May 29, 2009

so, did you want bacon in that or not?

Yesterday, before work, i decided that since i had 30 spare minutes i would run into tropical smoothie and get a smoothie. Of course nothing is ever simple errand.
My sister occasionally will order this really good smoothie and i had no idea what it was called, all i knew was that there were truffles in it. I thought that was enough information to go on... i was right and wrong there
Waiter #1: Hi! what can i get for you today?
Me: ummm I'm not sure what it's called. my sister gets this smoothie and i don't know the name of it, but i do know it has truffles in it.
Waiter #1: truffles? we don't put bacon in any of our smoothies.
Me: bacon? i don't want bacon in my smoothie. i just want the one that has the truffles in it.
Waiter #2: oh! i know you want the cranberry truffle. but we are out of truffles
Waiter #1: whats a truffle?
Me: well its an edible fungi to be honest. pigs dig them up.
Waiter #1: so its bacon
Me: no. its not bacon. i don't want bacon anywhere near my smoothie
Waiter #2:(laughing hysterically) dude!!! were you going to put bacon in her smoothie?
Waiter #1: well i don't know what a truffle is. i knew pigs were some how related so i figured it was bacon
Me: I'll just take a Pomegranate plunge
Waiter #1: ok. with or without bacon?
Me: without, please