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Sunday, April 12, 2009

strawberry hill. we all wore jcrew of course

April 11th i went to strawberry hill with Wes and Paul, it was fantastic. It was mostly a drink fest, but i really did enjoy the social aspects. I saw a few people I knew, but Paul was the mayor of the track and knew everyone, well at least half and Jojo knew the other half. The theme this year was Casablanca, i did not follow the theme, however Paul did and random, complete strangers would stop him to ask for his picture. I wore a green dress with a yellow and orange madras belt and light orange sweater, J Crew of course. Wes dressed like me and wore green pants, yellow polo, and madras boat shoes, j crew of course.

the weather could have been nicer, I will say that was the only bad part. It was chilly and overcast, with on and off again rain. At one point we all had to go inside for a bit to keep dry and get warm. Inside the building there were all these race dogs that appeared to be for adoption. I adored one that was so sweet and i was all set to let Wes adopt him, but then a lady told us it was her dog and none of them were actually for adoption. The dogs were just wearing these little bags asking for donations to help retired or abandon race dogs find homes and money to take care of them until they were adopted. I really did love this dog though and gladly would have taken him, with a name change of course. That woman named the dog Sweet pea. i mean really? that's the best you could come up with.
The other part of the day i really enjoyed, besides spending all day with Wes, was when Paul feed a horse and oatmeal cream pie. only Paul. the horse's name that received the oatmeal cream pie is named Rudy. that is an OK name. all and all a gooooooood day.