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Friday, March 6, 2009

When I was growing up, Pluto was a planet

I was thinking about how scientists and the government like to spring surprises on the rest of the United States and well, the rest of the world too.

Ok so this is how it started. Benjamin Franklin way back during the 18th century came up with the idea of day light savings to give farmersmore day light hours to work in the fields or do whatever it is they needed to do. However, Franklin's brilliant idea was not implemented until after World War II. How confused must people have been to live their whole lives with time being one way and then BAM! now your gonna set your clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring. I think people everywhere were confused. Not to mention a horrific war had just ended where millions died, thousands were homeless, parent less kids wandered around the countryside in Europe, families were split up with no idea whether their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, whomever was even still alive; and the government decides this is now the time to implement daylight savings. On the other hand it probably was the best timing because with all the chaos who really would notice, right?
For me the implementing of daylight savings is the same as Pluto being stripped of its planet hood. WTF?!? I feel like I imagine those who suddenly had daylight savings sprung on them felt. 22 years of my life i was taught there are 9 planets and Pluto is the smallest and farthest away from the sun. Then one day, i wake up and suddenly it isn't a planet anymore. poor poor Pluto. I was taken so off guard with the whole Pluto ordeal. There was no warning, just all of a sudden it is just a huge clump of rock floating around in space no longer part of the 9. If someone were to walk up to me and ask me how many planets there are, I would answer 9. I hope when/if i have kids Pluto will have had its planethood reinstated. I don't want to raise kids in a world where there are only 8 recognized planets.

As for daylight savings it can stay. I think too many people would be confused if it was done away with. haha what about all those older people who remember it being implimented and then now if we were to take it away again.