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Friday, March 13, 2009


So a few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my boy and he made a comment about a person who does not eat. They are not anorexic, but they still don’t eat. I told him about wannarexia and how it is this new fad among young women. Basically, wannarexics want to develop anorexia for the weight loss or the popularity they believe comes with having an eating disorder.
There are many differences between wannarexics and anorexics. People with anorexia have a mental disorder, they refuse to eat and acknowledge that they are drastically underweight with psychological problems. Additionally, many people who are anorexic do not strive to lose weight in the beginning. That is not the driving force behind the disease. Those who suffer from anorexia are intelligent and driven; they have to be to have such a disease. Often they want to control aspects of their life and when they no longer feel they can control everything around them, they control the one thing only they can, their diet and weight. Wannarexics want to develop anorexia in order to lose weight; there is a constant focus on weight and chronic dieting. Most wannarexics maintain a normal body weight, and unlike anorexics, who are typically obsessively ashamed of their appearance, wannarexics have a more realistic (and even positive) body image, in addition, wannarexics will derive pleasure from weight loss. For example, after losing weight, a wannarexic may continue to describe herself as 'fat,' but she may be able to go swimsuit shopping, wear close-fitting clothing and otherwise demonstrate pride in her appearance that would be unusual for an anorexic.
People who don’t eat in order to lose weight or maintain their weight are flirting with an unhealthy way of life, to say the least. People with food issues will do many things to be around food without actually eating food. Baking or cooking constantly, documenting publicly what they ate during the day or pretended to eat, working out constantly, lots of cardio such as running, basically their flirtation with fasting and food fixation easily transforms into an obsessive relationship with eating and weight loss. Difference with wannarexia is there is not the danger attached as there is with anerxia, but it can lead to long term issues or more serious problems.

im just going to write some of my random thoughts, so forgive me if the writting is not clear and concise. i am not saying its bad to be skinny or aware of what one is eatting. i just don't think, and doctors DO agree with me on this as well as nutritionist, that is a good idea to not eat in order to maintain one's figure. all bodies are different one should be at a healthy weight for them. i went through a period where i was a little on the chunkier side and i was not happy with how i looked or how clothes fit. so i ran, worked out, ate right and lost weight and now i am happy and comfortable in my body. Now, just because you are comfortable at a different weight doesn't mean thats right weight for you. Someone who is 5'5" isn't necessarily made to weigh 115 lbs., but because that is a weight in which they are comfortable doesn't mean its ok for them to be there either. but there is a sliding scale for weight as well. i would also like to point out, just cause someone is skinny doesn't mean they are healthy. the people who don't eat maybe skinny but their bodies are all messed up from lack of food. not to mention psychologically they are not there either. plus, their prolly grumpy, moody and bitchy from not eatting.

so go eat a sandwhich!!! i included the height and weight chart from the military if you are curious about roughly where a healthy weight is for your height. P.S. this is the height and weight chart for GIRLS WOMEN FEMALES