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Monday, March 23, 2009

elf owl

smallest owl, the Elf Owl, is 5-1/2 inches long. It has yellow eyes and a very short tail. It lacks ear tufts. It is buff-colored with indistinct dark streaks. The Elf Owl can be readily found in desert lowlands and in canyons, especially in oaks and sycamores; it is fairly common in foothills and generally scarce and declining in Texas and California. It breeds in southeastern California, southern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It winters in Mexico.It is strictly nocturnal and roosts and nests in cavities in saguaros and trees. Its call is an irregular series of high churp's and chattering notes.
Three white eggs are laid in a deserted woodpecker hole in a cactus or an oak, pine or other tree.
i have wanted an elf owl since i was in high school. I think they are so cute and i love that they stand for wisdom, intelligence and beauty. I told my mom i wanted to get an elf owl for college and she went "why so you can be Harry Potter in your dorm room?" sadly i did not get an elf owl. i still want one though and one of these days i will have one.