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Sunday, March 1, 2009

5 inches of Snow

Ok so i know i just posted a blog about snow a few hours ago, but it is still snowing like crazy! It started snowing between noon and one pm today and has not stopped. As of right now, there is about 5 inches piled up nicely around the Richmond area. The tv has been listing all the closings and its pretty much everything, every place except Short Pump Mall! There is just no way the mall can be open tomorrow. I mean the snow is up to mid calf on me and there is absolutely no way i am going to attempt to drive in that. Snow is very pretty, but very dangerous.
There are tons of positives about snow days, duh. But once you become an adult it snow days are little more difficult to come by, however, I believe they are appreciated more. I really would love a snow day tomorrow so I could sleep late, wear sweatpants all day, put away all my crap that has accumulated in the living room, read, guzzle tea like my life depends on it, text, IM, and call wes and bug him all day, write Melanie a letter, catch up on my paper journal and scrapbook, and finally run on the treadmill. Just a few things.
for those of you choosing/being forced to venture out into the snow drive safe, be safe, wear a coat : )