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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

some things about Merritt

blogs intrigue me. I work as a legal researcher and I have read many blogs for cases and I cannot for the life of me figure out why people would ever put such personal information up on the Internet for all to see. I will not be putting information such as that up on the Internet, I value my privacy far too much. However, I am going to keep this blog thing for a while to see how it goes. It will be nice to type some of my interests up and post them on the Internet. P.S. i do see and realize the irony of me having a blog.

for this first blog I thought I would post some things about myself and my likes and dislikes. I often wonder why I like the things I do and dislike other things. I guess it is just what appeals to us based on visual or past experiences. who knows.

1. I'm into dresses. i like to wear and shop for them, however, i have some dresses i will never have an event or occasion for which i can wear the certain dresses. i need to sell those on eBay.
2. i love to read and will spend abnormal amounts of money on books.
3. Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer
4. i despise malice, greed, and people who lie.
5. i want an elf owl and a jerboa. i will definitely post blogs about those two animals
6. i don't like coffee, but i love tea and consume massive amounts of it
7. i love my cat Henry and our other cat Naomi, lovingly nicknamed princess butterball (she is chubby)
8. i love to run and read.
9. people and their actions fascinate me
10. i have a very strong sense of right and wrong
11. there are 4 people i flat out despise. i can't stand them or anything they do. just how it is.
12. i work at jcrew
13. i have too many clothes.
14. i wish my boyfriend lived closer or was at least able to visit me more.

15. Longwood was fantastic and i miss being in college.

16. i miss the competition of college
17. i can carry a grudge like no one else.
18. i will forgive, but i will never forget
19. my best friends are amazing and totally unique.
20. i love being outside
21. consuming large amounts of diet coke is a daily ritual for me

22. J Crew at Short Pump needs its own reality show called "The Crew" it will easily surpass "The Hills"

23. part of my life will never be complete because i can't go to Hogwarts
24. i spend too much money on designer jeans
25. being outside is one of my favorite things
26. i want to go back to Europe and visit Italy, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, everywhere
27. there is one girl who is so vain it makes me want to spit. i believe when she is miserable she will have her friends worlds crumble around them, that way they will be miserable with her.
28. i used the work F**k far too often.
29. sitting in front of the tv all day makes me feel fat.
30. i am constantly hungry, a bottomless pit
31. I'm in to painting my nails lately and i don't know why

32. the Odysse is my favorite book. i love how even though Odysseus was gone for 20 years Penelope waited for him and once he returned home they were still desperately in love with each other. i also love Greece
33. when i was growing up i wanted to be an Egyptologist
34. I'm terrified of the future and like most ppl i don't want to be alone
35. i like decorating houses
36. white walls/rooms in houses drive me crazy as does lots of beige or tan.. blah boring
37. in this blog i will not pay attention to grammar or punctuation.
38. i am an awful speller.
39. i hate driving because i usually get lost.
40. my paper journal is a far better representation of who i am. but those thoughts are private.