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Thursday, February 12, 2009



i was watching Jepordy the other night and one of the questions involved a photo of a small jumping desert rodents found throughout Asia and northern Africa that resemble mice with long tufted tails and very long hind legs. what could that be you might ask? Well, it is a Jerboa. i think these little guys are adorable and i would love to have one as a pet. Jerboa's are nocturnal, because that is how they are and they live in the desert and its cooler in the evenings. They can have up to 4 residencies (2 permant and 2 tempory) the temporary ones are to escape preditors. While, the permanent daytime burrows are well-hidden and sealed with a plug of sand to keep heat out and moisture in.what else is amazing about these fastinating creatures besides how adorable they are?they can hop up to and even faster than a human can run. i want one so bad.