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Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook 101

I found this on the Internet. basically it is the do's and don'ts of facebook. very interesting

1. While Facebook allows you to post as many pictures as you like, and tag yourself in pictures that your friends have taken, the Web site only allows you one profile picture, so make it count. You may very well have some potential suitors on the Web site, so be sure to portray yourself as accurately as possible. A clear, well-lit picture of you will help you to put your best foot forward, particularly if it's a portrait or captures you in the midst of one of your favorite activities. And you might ought to refrain from using one of the pictures from that New Year's Eve party, as your profile picture is accessible to everybody on Facebook, even with the privacy settings engaged.

2.With your 'Interests' section, you really have two routes lying before you. Taking the first route would be to fill this space with some kind of witticism, since asking somebody to sum up what most interests him or her in life on a Facebook profile is slightly ridiculous. A decent example would be to respond, "Facebook," for instance. The snarkier, the better, really. The second route would be to list the interests that best differentiate you; it's understood that you enjoy "chillin' with friends" and "reading a good book," so get more descriptive. Instead of "chillin' with friends, say, for example, "eating fried chicken livers while watching football with the boys." Instead of "reading a good book," respond with, "Victorian British literature."

3.As any self-respecting music geek knows, one's musical taste says a lot about somebody, so be judicious in listing your favorite bands in your profile's 'Favorite Music' section. A thorough music section, mentioning your appreciation of Gene Vincent, might make the difference in whether or not that cute rockabilly girl (or guy) responds to your message. Don't be yet another one of those people that says, "I like pretty much everything." Get specific, giving artist names (and, if you're up to it, album titles). One tactic that seems to be popular is to sort your iTunes according to the "Play Count" or "Last Played" tabs, and then copy down what you find. These tips – save the last one of course – also apply to your Favorite Movies and Books sections.

4. don't friend people or confirm those you really don't know (well duh) Don't add random friendsWe have a hard time understanding the mindset of wanting to send friend requests to perfect strangers in faraway places, but plenty of people do it. If it happens that you stumble across somebody on the Web site whose profile piques your interest, it is best to send that person an introductory message. You wouldn't ask a stranger to lunch without speaking with them first, would you?

5.Possibly even more so than messaging, the Wall feature is the cornerstone of interpersonal communication on Facebook. That being the case, Facebook etiquette requires that you write on friends' walls periodically. As the Wall is there for the whole world to see, though, it is best to follow some simple guidelines. When writing on a friend's Wall, don't leave personal information ("I got a new phone: (205) 555-1234."), sensitive correspondence ("Hey, man. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt passing away."), or incriminating stories ("I was just thinking about that time we got arrested in Tijuana. You remember that??"). Keep Wall postings light-hearted, leaving the other stuff for messages, or -- better yet -- e-mail.

6. While many of us have been freaked out by the stories of potential employers snooping around on job candidates' Facebook profiles, there's really nothing to worry about with Facebook's privacy settings. By clicking on the Settings, and then Privacy Settings, at the top of your homepage, you can put limitations on who is, and who is not, able to view different parts of your profile. Just make sure you purge those New Year's photos before you accept your boss's friend request.

7. In the early days of the 'book, you didn't really have to worry about everyone having access to your friend lists, photos, profile, etc... Now, anybody can join the site, and we're not surprised to hear that college admissions departments and employers are using Facebook as research for applicants, thanks to its treasure trove of information on people. While you don't have to be incredibly uptight and formal about it, it's probably a good idea to fill out your education, work, and interests on your profile, because it just could snag you that job interview.On the cautionary side, use a bit of common sense when posting images and messages to the site. It's probably best not to post those pictures from that crazy party last weekend -- you know, that one that you don't fully remember.

8. While friends' Status updates can be fun to read, their humor decreases as their frequency increases. We don't need to know about your every move; one update every few days is certainly sufficient. And please keep your Status updates at least relatively interesting. Nobody cares to read: "John Doe is going to take a nap." (i couldn't agree with this one more. don't change it every few minutes. geeze you just look lame)

9. While Facebook's infamous Poke function is relatively straightforward in its operation, its intended use is a mystery. When looking at another person's profile, you have the option of "Poking" them. If you do Poke said person, a notification will show up on their page, informing them that you did, in fact, Poke them. That's it. When Facebook first started, "Poking" seemed to be a kind of cautious precursor to a flirtatious message, kind of like a furtive glance before eye contact and a smile. But, then it dawned on us: Isn't a flirtatious Facebook message cautious enough? At this point, "Poking" somebody is pretty much considered to be either creepy or just plain confusing. Let's just leave it at sending messages and wall posts, okay? (i kinda disagree here, but its only a half disagree.)

p.s i learned in my law class facebook is not covered by the first amendment so more than anything just think about what you are posting and sharing.